Ep. 21 - Moving Forward After A Loss

Episode 21,  Aug 09, 2018, 04:01 AM

In this episode, guest, Bri and I talk about some of the ups and downs of growing up in a not-so-practical family structure. Also how the way she was raised shaped her into who she is today.

Also we talk about a loss she experienced in a miscarriage and what her process of dealing with that and overcoming it was like.

We discuss how not enough women talk about miscarriages and it really should be something that is talked about more openly. So many women blame themselves for the loss of a child but it is usually not the case, and hearing more of these women's experiences could help someone going through a miscarriage.

For some more information on dealing with a miscarriage or learning how to talk to someone who has gone through such a loss, please visit the website below.

Through the Heart