Creating Educational Content to Attract Guests for Your Bed and Breakfast Business

Season 2, Episode 1,   Aug 09, 2018, 07:55 AM

Hi, I’m Yvonne Halling from and today’s video is about creating educational content for your ideal guests, so they look to you as the source of the best information.

So if you’re not yet in the habit of creating content in the form of blogs, videos and social media posts for the benefit of your guests, then my 3 top tips in this video will help you.

Let me ask you a question…. When you read something online or even in good old-fashioned print, and you’re enjoying it, how do you feel about the author? Do you go looking for other publications by the same author?

We as a society tend to regard people who write stuff as somehow different, don’t we? We tend to put them on a level above us. We’re even a little bit in awe of them. People like J K Rowling or Stephen King.

Well, when you create content about your area, your topic of expertise and about your property, people will start to look at you differently, and even put you on a level slightly above. You don’t have to create great best sellers, you just have to get into the habit of finding your voice and sharing what you know on a regular basis.

So here’s 3 top tips for creating and sharing content using that great platform that’s available to us all – the internet.

Tip #1 

Make a list of topics to write about or shoot video on. You’ll be able to find lots of things to talk about using your local tourist office. If you have flyers or brochures at your property and most of us do, then pick 3 or 4 and investigate yourself, so you can speak confidently about what other attractions are offering.

Tip #2

Find YOUR preferred way of sharing what you know. If you like talking, then make some short videos with you in them, talking directly to the camera so we can see you and feel your energy. If you like writing as I do, then write just 300 – 500 words about an aspect of your area and share it on your blog and on social media. If you’re camera shy right now, then let us hear your voice as commentary as you share something interesting about your area.  

Tip #3

Do this consistently. Once is never enough, so resolve to invest time in your week to actually implement this strategy, and keep in mind that once you’ve posted something on the internet, it’s there forever, especially on You Tube and your blog.

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