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Aug 09, 2018, 01:03 PM

On the Vox Markets Podcast Today: 9th August 2018

Hayden Locke, CEO of Emmerson #EML discusses the grant of additional research permits at their Khemisset Potash Project.

(Interview starts at 1 minute 13 seconds)

Graham Lumsden, Motif Bio #MTFB explains the notice of allowance for two U.S. Iclaprim patents with Expiration dates of 2037.

(Interview starts at 6 minutes 41 seconds)

Russell Lamming, Chief Executive Officer of Keras Resources #KRS answers private investor submitted questions.

(Interview starts at 14 minutes 20 seconds)

Aidan Bishop Chairman of BigDish #DISH gives an update on its UK growth strategy following the company's recent admission and acquisition of Pouncer.

(Interview starts at 25 minutes 27 seconds)

Plus the Top 5 Most Followed Companies on Vox Markets in the last 24 hours & the Top 5 Most Liked RNS’s on Vox Markets in the last 24 hours.

(Feature starts at 32 minutes 27 seconds)

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