“Dark Money” director Kimberly Reed reveals how corrupt U.S. elections really are

Aug 10, 2018, 09:50 PM

"Follow the money." It's a directive that gained fame during the Watergate era, but decades later, it's harder than ever to find it, let alone follow it. Director Kimberly Reed's documentary "Dark Money" feels like a political thriller, but it's a true, and chilling, look at the way ultra rich and often entirely anonymous groups are spending big bucks to influence your vote. Reed joins “Salon Talks” to discuss her film, which is an investigation into the impact of untraceable corporate money on a local Montana election and the shadowy groups that create smear campaigns and distribute fake news on challengers without a trace. Whatever your political party, dark money is affecting your elections. Reed explains why she is hopeful voters have the power to change the narrative.

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