What’s the Best Online Travel Agent to List Your Bed and Breakfast Business With?

Season 2, Episode 2,   Aug 15, 2018, 11:20 AM

Hi I’m Yvonne Halling from www.BedandBreakfastCoach.com and in today’s video, I’m going to talk about a question that comes up frequently in my Facebook group – What’s the best online travel agent to list with?

So if you’re someone who’s constantly jumping from one online travel agent to the next, and wondering where the next guest is coming from, then this video will help you.

Listing with online travel agents is NOT a long-term strategy. They can be great in the short term or for just one of your rooms for exposure, but if you’re tripping from one to the other, trying to beat the competition, discounting just to get guests, and metaphorically prostituting yourself on those platforms then let’s be clear.

You’re missing the whole point of owning and running a small hospitality business.

Let me explain what I mean by that.

First, guests choose bed and breakfasts, guest houses, inns and small hotels because they want to interact with the owners, have experiences rather than just have somewhere to sleep. Don’t underestimate your ability to provide this for them.

Second when you ignore the first point I made, you’re placing yourself in amongst other accommodation providers who have no way to meet the needs of their guests.  

And third, when you do overlook this crucial distinction, you’ll be attracting and competing for the guests who don’t want the intimate experience, and therefore everyone will be disappointed.

Your job is to decide who you want to welcome and why, based on who you are and the experience you offer, and then find the platform where those guests are hanging out, and it probably won’t be on the big names you and I are both familiar with.

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