KATIE HUTCHINGS: Heart transplant survivor

Aug 18, 2018, 06:17 PM

There was nothing common about the cold Katie Hutchings caught over the Easter of 2015. Within day's she was taken to hospital and put on the urgent transplant list. The virus has attacked her heart and had damaged it beyond repair. She eventually received a new donor heart and you would think that would have been the beginning of a new life. However it was to be the start of a nightmare she only just got through.

Katies describes the setbacks she encountered on her long road to recovery and the conversations she has had to have with her husband and three children.

She proudly displays the surgery scars her body has endured in a tribute to her donor and never forgets the sacrifice that was made.

Katie would like all of us to be organ donors. There are several links below to help you.

NHS organ donation register

British Heart Foundation