When money dies: how bad is Venezuela's hyperinflation?

Aug 22, 2018, 06:19 PM

Venezuela is racked with hyperinflation. The crisis is now so bad that the President has instituted a new currency which essentially cuts off several zeros from the old currency. Will Maduro’s mad policies make things worse (00:50)? And back home, prisons have been in the limelight as we hear about the horrendous conditions in Birmingham Winson Green prison. But is Birmingham an anomaly (11:30)? I talk to a former convict who says not. And last, Ross Clark worries that the prevalence of sperm donation these days raise the chances of half-siblings falling in love. Just how prepared is the donation industry (26:40)?

With Steve Hanke, Julia Buxton, Will Heaven, Cody Lachey, Ross Clark, and Laura Spoelstra.

Presented by Katy Balls.

Produced by Cindy Yu and Matt Taylor.