Episode 69: Ominous Back of the Head Shots and Where to Find Them

Aug 26, 2018, 04:59 PM

This time on SpeakBeasty: → The mighty triplet of Thunderbadgers → Movie Breakdown #3: 00:30:01 to 00:45:00→ We need more info about Legilimency → Was Pickett's reaction reversed? → "Credence's heart is not in the pamphlets" → Is Queenie good or bad? Join Team Ariel or Team Eric → "It's a future-off" or Doctor Strange meets Fantastic Beasts → Newt being grounded by the Goldsteins → Inside the case aka "a face full of CGI" → Physiology: differences between wizards and muggles→ How compatible are the beasts inside the case?→ Join Eric's Diricrawl fan club  Podcast Question: What was your favorite beast introduced in this scene and why? Do you think it will show up in the next movie(s)? What significance will the beasts play in the next films?