Emotional Abuse - A Conversation with Rhonda Jansen

Episode 2,  Aug 27, 2018, 02:30 AM

Emotional Abuse, it's a little understood and talked about form of abuse which is far more common than most people realise. This podcast mini series hopes to shed light on how these people gain control and develop a power over a person to the point that you lose any self worth and independence and feel you cannot leave and if you do speak up, will never be believed.

Designed to bring awareness to this more silent form of abuse, this podcast will also give an insight into the long asked question "Why do people stay/put up with this for so long?"

Episode 2 is with Rhonda Jansen, an Author, Trainer and Presenter penning Narcissism - The Evil Behind the Mask and her follow up book Reclaim Your Soul. Rhonda speaks about her experience of being married to and running a business with a malignant narcissist and how she managed to escape with her sanity and two children. She discusses how she reclaimed her life and offers perspective to others who need to free themselves from a similar situation. Rhonda also shares her thoughts in hindsight and offers suggestions for changing your mindset to gather yourself to leave these situations.