Episode # 116: There's No Hope

Episode 116,  Aug 29, 2018, 12:46 PM

Welcome to Episode #116: There's No Hope (aka Attack of the Rookies)! Join Kaitlin and Ben and they do their first solo (no pun intended) show without Mikey or Donya! Get the latest news and digest the the Clone Wars Malevolence story arc on this weeks episode!

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Star Wars Resistance trailer has been released! What are you thoughts?

We learn the timeline of where Resistance fits into the Star Wars universe

Kelly Marie Trans Speaks out about her reasons for leaving Instagram

Star Wars Episode IX production is under way and we have some rumors that have made it our way

Clone Wars Episode 2-4 the Malevolence story arc

Hear first time viewer Ben's take on these episode 

Only to be balanced by Kaitlin's love for the clone wars past season 1

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