Ep. 24 - 10 Principles of Burning Man and Choi

Episode 24,  Aug 31, 2018, 12:45 AM

Before I begin, there's a weird glitch between 8:17-8:36 but it does stop and it does not come back!!! Sorry about it!!


If you follow my personal social media, you must know how much Burning Man FOMO I've been feeling this past week. So I thought it was  only fitting to do an episode about it as well.

I truly grew so much as a person from going to Burning Man ONE TIME. Sadly, I did not go this year, but will be there next year.

But while we're all here, and not in Black Rock City, I wanted to share with you the 10 Principles of Burning Man. These 10 principles truly speak to me, and I think everyone should try to live by these principles all the time, on or off the playa. 

I want to tell you which one my favorite is, but I can't, because I truly love so many of them. But I will tell you which one I miss the most right now. It's Radical Self-Expression. Be yourself. Do you. Just go for it. I feel like the playa brought the full "me" out. I try to channel that version of me daily, but it's been pretty difficult to find, lately... I think all this reminiscing has been helping me cope, at least.. hehe

Anyway! I hope you all enjoy the episode! KTHANKSBYE<3

PS. If you disagree with any of the ways I've explained the principles, let me know! This is what I think they are and how I've accepted them to be...! You know where to find me! choisayspodcast@gmail.com!