Literary Loitering 91 - Gerry Anderson's Space Deliverance

Sep 02, 2018, 10:57 PM

Has anyone else noticed that stories about the Trump presidency are beginning to sound more like stories from Game of Thrones that didn’t make the cut? 

Adding to the whirlwinds of controversy surrounding The Don of the U.S. government is Unhinged - a new tell-all book by former Trump aide (which, now that we say it, sounds like some kind of gastric medicine), Omarosa Newman. As part of her publicity drive she has also released several recordings that she made during her time as part of the White House “family”. 

In other news, and instagram star’s foraging cookbook has been pulled because of its potentially poisonous recipes, Jerry Adams divulges recipe secrets from Northern Ireland’s peace process, support pours in for a socialist bookshop that was attacked by right-wing vandals, Helen Lederer announces an alternative to the Wodehouse Prize that will focus on female authors, and Women’s Weekly comes under-fire from authors, writers and many others for its shockingly terrible contracts. 

After all of that we actually have two books - Smashing It Up: A Decade Of Chaos With The Damned by Kieron Tyler, and The Winter Vow by Tim Akers - which is the conclusion to his Hallowed War trilogy. 

Now normally we’d be done there, but not this week as Graham has put together a rather fun quiz …

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