Ep 31: Janet's Not The Best...?? That sounds Shady

Sep 06, 2018, 08:03 AM

This week on View's From The 7 we're talking music. Popping things off with the battle of the albums between Twista's #AdrenailineRush vs #Kamikaze. Are we so hung up on nostalgia that we hand out the classic title on body's of work that aren't really worthy? We going track for track on this one! Speaking of nostalgia who had a better album between #50Cent and #DMX?? This one is a hard one. Moving on right into the #TRASHAlbumReview with #Lloyd's LP Tru. Going through the album we couldn't help but to get into our top 5 Lloyd records. Getting past that we get into the moment we've all been waiting for....#Eminem drops #Kamikaze. Addressing his beef with #JoeBudden and #MGK. He set the internet on fire with this one. MGK got a lot goin on right now not only with Eminem but with G-Eazy. Diss records coming out and getting interesting. #JanetJackson was recently awarded the first ever #ImpactAward which is highlighting her influence as an artist on the pop world. Our question is who was more influence over the pop world? Janet Jackson or #Madonna? You know we won't be able to come to a unanimous decision on this one. Last but not least we HAD to talk about Kaepernick and his Nike endorsement. We got all that and more!

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