BREXIT HUSTLE: Scams expert Alexis Conran on the psychology behind the Leave vote

Sep 07, 2018, 06:00 AM

Was Brexit a sophisticated confidence trick? Scams expert, host of the BBC’s The Real Hustle and TalkRadio presenter ALEXIS CONRAN joins us to talk bait-and-switch, the power of emotional alignment, and whether an ill-informed, manipulable Referendum electorate was the biggest “mark” in modern British political history. And what now? “The worst thing you can do,” he tells us, “is shove it in someone’s face and say, ‘Ha, you fell for it.’ The truth is that anyone can fall for it at the right time.”

PLUS: Parliamentary hostilities resume – hooray! What’s really going on with ex-minister Nick Boles’ compromise plan for a “sensible Brexit”? Ian insults Iceland for literally no defensible reason. We talk to Ayesha Hazarika of the new Women For A People’s Vote campaign (actual studio debate with actual female panelists to follow next week). Ian insults Robert Peston for literally no defensible reason. Why are we planning to fall back on WTO rules when Donald Trump is trying to destroy the WTO? And more. 

AND a special extra guest – human rights lawyer ADAM WAGNER joins us to explain the crowdfunded court case to declare the Referendum YES THE WHOLE REFERENDUM tainted and illegal. Is this the right way to go about averting Brexit?

“Authoritarians hate institutions. They stop you from having a strongman – and that’s why they trash them.”

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