What would you teach a student about money?

Sep 07, 2018, 04:58 PM

What would you teach a student about money?

It’s almost time for a fresh year of students to start university and as they find their feet with new friends and a new way of studying they will also face another challenge – being in charge of their financial life.

But we don’t have to send them off ill-equipped to deal with that, a few helpful tips can stop students ending up down to their last few pounds before the clocks even change.

And as well as offering guidance, it’s perhaps even more useful to tell students about where you went wrong with money at university, or in your younger life.

On this week’s podcast Simon Lambert and Georgie Frost have some helpful advice for students and a few candid tales of the money mistakes they made.

Also, on this week’s show, we discuss child trust funds and how the free money dished out to children has often been lost track of but could be a nice little windfall.

And we put Help to Buy under the microscope. Asking whether it will be tweaked, ditched, or the new build property market is so hooked on this subsidy that we can’t get rid of it?