Misti Little, The Garden Path Podcast

Oct 18, 2018, 04:59 PM

Misti Little is an biologist and environmental consultant based out of Houston, Texas by day, and gardener, podcaster, and outdoor enthusiast when she can fit them in the other hours of the day.

On todays episode, Peter Donegan also a long time fan of Misti's ramblings and conversation chats about all of the why's than invariably pop up in gardening more hours than one could shake a stick at and also exist in one day. 

As Misti notes it, she founded The Garden Path Podcast in 2015 to fill a niche in the American gardening podcast genre. Connecting with other like-minded gardeners and naturalists to share their stories through the podcast has become one of her favorite hobbies.

Show Links:

The Garden Path Podcast - www.thegardenpathpodcast.com

Instagram - TheGardenPathPodcast.

Misti's outdoor adventures - www.oceanicwilderness.com

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