Imposter Syndrome and the Blue Tick

Sep 14, 2018, 05:21 PM

Over the last couple of weeks, we've had several small triumphs in terms of Twins That Travel accolades. These include a piece of BBC press and the coveted 'blue tick' verification on Instagram. Two pieces of news, which to most on the outside world, would seem like great achievements. Indeed, we were initially elated with both pieces news - sharing both with friends and family - before finding ourselves quickly slipping into a common spiral of self-doubt. You see for us, and a further 70% of the population according to a recent survey, we suffer from a chronic case of Imposter Syndrome.

Having blogged about it previously, Imposter Syndrome is something that can often dominate our thought process when navigating the self-employed path of travel blogging. Sometimes unable to see things objectively, many of our blogging triumphs are marred by a chronic fear that we'll soon be discovered as well, frauds. The blue verification tick on Instagram only exasperating this thought process last week, with my initial presumption being that there had been a terrible mistake. After all, it's the Kim Kardashians of the world that get a blue tick, not two small-fry bloggers from Milton keynes.

In this podcast episode, therefore, we discuss Imposter Syndrome and how it affects us in our day-to-day lives as travel bloggers. As something that can worm its way into any part of your life, we delve into some of the coping strategies for those struggling to shrug of their self-imposed fraudulent status. From steering clear of the comparison trap to admitting you don't know everything, we explore the tactics we can employ to help keep feelings of self-doubt at bay.