Can you stay in a relationship and be a DJ?

Sep 17, 2018, 10:38 PM

Welcome to episode 020 of the #TalkoverPodcast!

We are Dubl & Stylus, two DJs from the UK & we've decided that there needs to be an outlet for various topics relating to the DJ world… Things that ALL DJs want or need to be talking about!

Both of us have been in long-term relationships with our significant others for 10+ years! It's something we both get asked about a lot - how do we work as much as we do, but also have enough time and energy to have a stable relationship!  

In today's podcast, we discuss the difficulty of balancing long term relationships and family life with a job in one of the most demanding industries out there!  

We talk about balancing life & work and also how both of our 'significant others' have actually been instrumental in our careers as well!!!

EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8PM there will be a brand new episode dropping, where we discuss relevant topics, giving our unfiltered & honest opinions about anything that comes up in conversation! We'll even be bringing through some of our friends to join the conversation & you'll also see some of the biggest DJs in the world pass through to chop it up.

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