Sep 17, 2018, 10:40 PM

Welcome to episode 021 of the #TalkoverPodcast!

We are Dubl & Stylus, two DJs from the UK & we've decided that there needs to be an outlet for various topics relating to the DJ world… Things that ALL DJs want or need to be talking about!


Our topic this week was an accidental one lol...we had lined up a completely seperate topic, but the intro to this one lead us on a tangent and we just rolled with it. No pun intended. 

So this week we're discussing the 'DJ belly', a result of many nights of late night work, early hours eating & a generally bad group of food and lifestyle choices that us DJs are almost forced to make because of the hours we work & the industry we live in. 

Kebab shops, fast food drive thrus, £3 meal deals and a sh*t tonne of coffee can result in a condition that we have now officially named 'The DJ Belly'.

EVERY WEDNESDAY at 8PM there will be a brand new episode dropping, where we discuss relevant topics, giving our unfiltered & honest opinions about anything that comes up in conversation! We'll even be bringing through some of our friends to join the conversation & you'll also see some of the biggest DJs in the world pass through to chop it up.

Got anything you want us to talk about? Drop it in the comments & we'll do the rest!

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Thanks for listening.

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