The Spirit of Croydon by Elizabeth Sheppard

Episode 1,   Sep 23, 2018, 06:38 PM

Alvin shuts the Croydon Visitor Centre for the evening, but all is not as it seems as he makes his way along Dingwall Road. What is that noise coming from the building site? 

The Spirit of Croydon by Elizabeth Sheppard is a clever tale with wit and charm that takes an unexpected turn. It is a relatable story to any city, town, borough or village, leaving readers to ponder, for better or worse, the evolution of a local area.

Elizabeth Sheppard (Liz Sheppard-Jones) is former associate editor of the Croydon Citizen news magazine, author of 'Not A Proper Child' (Mirror Books 2018) with Nicky Nicholls and a regular contributor to Tales of Croydonia. 

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