"These freakin' guys"

Season 2, Episode 2,   Sep 27, 2018, 05:19 AM

This week, Nish and Amy talk about the wrong way to do faith outreach, as well as an attempt by a group of LDS women to appeal to the four Mormon senators who sit on the Judiciary Committee. 

We also introduce a new segment called "Race to the Bottom," in which we nominate some nonsense we've heard from conservative white evangelicals and ask listeners to vote on the very worst. 

And Amy talks with writer Danielle Mayfield about the spiritual and moral themes of "The Good Place," which returns this week for its third season on NBC. They also talk about Mister Rogers and the righteous anger that drove this famously calm and gentle man.

NOTE: In her recommendation for the week, Amy encouraged everyone to read a James Baldwin novel but never actually said the name of it--doh! It is "If Beale Street Could Talk," also coming out in November as a film.

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Discussed This Week:

• Republicans in Texas Apologize for Hindu-Themed Campaign Ad (Kimberly Yam, Huffington Post)

Official Statement from Mormon Women for Ethical Government with regard to the Brett Kavanaugh Confirmation Proceedings

'Not relevant:' Franklin Graham weighs in on Kavanaugh sexual assault allegations (Joe Marusak, Charlotte Observer)

Eric Metaxas' selfie with Donald Trump on Twitter

Rob Schenck on Twitter, actually showing how to speak truth to power

Nish, telling off Erick Erickson on Twitter

Is Neighborly Love Enough in The Good Place? (D.L. Mayfield, Christ and Pop Culture)

Mr. Rogers Had a Dangerous Side (D.L. Mayfield, Christianity Today)

Educated: A Memoir(Tara Westover, Random House)

If Beale Street Could Talk(James Baldwin, Vintage)