EP 34: Why so serious?!

Sep 27, 2018, 08:21 AM

This week on Views From The 7 we're talking parenting. Dealing with children going through puberty are father's sexist by nature? Do they treat their daughter's differently than their sons while approaching similar situations? This week we're going through!! In our #TRASHRelationship segment we got a good one for ya'll. Have you ever broken up with someone and later on see that they've become the person you wanted them to be? Have you ever looked back and said "damn I should've waited for them to level up"? As usual this one gets interesting. Moving right along to to this weeks topics. #MarkCuban has made headlines again attempting to redeem himself with 10 million dollars in donations to various women's groups. Does this make up for the zoo that was going on within the #Mavericks organization? Social media is always a circus. This week #GracelleBeauvis caught heat for positing a picture of kissing #WillSmith from 1999 film "#WildWildWest" to wish him a happy birthday. Moving right along, #EllaMae's record label had #Jacquees' version of #Trip snatched off of the internet. Was he doing too much with shooting a video for someone else's song? It's a cold world out here. We're touching on that and much more!

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