Family Feud Podcast: Changing the momentum

Sep 28, 02:41 AM

USC bounced back from two straight losses to get a 39-36 win over Washington State. It wasn't pretty and was far from perfect, but the Trojans kept their perfect record at home under head coach Clay Helton.

They did it by changing the narrative. After back-to-back games seeing the momentum snowball against them, the Trojans showed some mental fortitude and responded multiple times to attempts by Washington State to take control of the game.

Keely Eure and Shotgun Spratling return with the latest edition of the Family Feud Podcast to discuss what went right for USC and where the Trojans can still make improvements as they prepare for a trip to the desert to take on Khalil Tate and Arizona on Saturday at 7:30 p.m. PST on ESPN2.

In this week's Stock Up/Stock Down segment, Keely and Shotgun both give some props to freshman safety Talanoa Hufanga for stepping in and making an impact in second defensive play of the game. They also agree that there was a noticeable difference in the chemistry between JT Daniels and his veteran receivers as the USC offense continues to evolve. Shotgun also makes the unpopular choice to place two much-maligned units in his stock up. He argues that both the offensive line and special teams improved and agrees with Clay Helton that the "offensive line took a step forward."

Stock Down is scattered around the team as there are still some team issues that have to be addressed as well as defensive specific concerns and a decline in the playing time and production of USC running back Aca'Cedric Ware. But one interesting note Keely and Shotgun saw in practice is that USC is actively attacking some of the issues it had from the week before rather than continuing to go with the same routine they have previously had. (Audience submissions also make the cut for Stock Up/Stock Down this week.)

In the 'Heard it on the Sidelines' segment, Shotgun hears a familiar sound on the sidelines and talks about how the players and coaches reacted to the near touchdown by Michael Pittman Jr. just before halftime and the subsequent review. He also brings up a new sideline alignment the Trojans have implemented while Keely talks about Johnny Nansen's emphasis on contact in practice.

The duo talk about redshirting and playing time for young players in the Agree/Disagree segment. They debate how much Arizona will attack with Tate's legs this week and discuss the importance of each defender doing his assignment rather than trying to be a hero.

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