"Just Do It" - Bijay Gautam #interview

Sep 29, 2018, 07:41 AM

We talk to Bijay Gautam, an Indian podcaster, extremely active member of the Indian podcasting community and podcast coach. The episode is a must-listen for anyone who has a podcast in India or is thinking about starting one. 

He talks about his podcasting journey and his mission to inspire people with his show -

The Inspiring Talk, an interview show where he gets successful people to share insights across different fields. 

He also generously shares a lot of the learnings he has accumulated over more than 50 episodes, including strategies on how to improve as an interviewer, secure high profile guests, prepare for conversations and push out episodes efficiently.

You can find out more about Bijay on his website or ask him any questions on our facebook group. Check out his podcast coaching and launching services here and don't forget to listen to The Inspiring Talk