"The fortune to have misfortune early in life" - Vesna Jacob

Oct 02, 2018, 06:22 PM

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Holistic Fitness Guru Vesna Peričević Jacob, who was once given the moniker, "The Princess of Pilates", is one of the most forward thinking minds in fitness - wellness and healing in India. She is a former national level Basketball player from Bosnia who turned to fitness and wellness as a profession following a career ending injury.

She is a Physiotherapist, Author, accomplished Pilates teacher and Functional Applied Science Specialist. Her studio, Vesna’s Alta Celo offers a unique blend of restorative and rehabilitative movement work with elements of fun functional fitness while being strongly rooted in a holistic approach to health, fitness and wellness.

She also writes extensively on fitness for leading newspapers and magazines, appears on many national television channels and has authored two successful books, “Work It Out Without a Workout” and “Fit to Fight”.

She shares her incredible journey - leaving her country during a war, being a professional athlete whose dream was crushed with an injury, being a refugee, a US army trainer, discovering Pilates, moving to India and achieving success. Her inspiring story is testament to her philosophy of taking every step the way it comes, paying special attention to the inner voice we all have and letting our spiritual self spread it wings.

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