Blood Road

Episode 2,   Oct 03, 2018, 02:22 AM

First of all, at the time of this upload it is officially the spooky season, Happy October everyone. Secondly, I would like to thank everyone who listened to the first episode and reached out to me sharing similar stories. You’re never alone in this strange universe.

Thirdly We are live on twitter @ StrangeHeartPod and Instagram @ StrangeHeartland I have a good friend of mine, Bree helping me with social media pretty soon,  so be on the lookout for much more content.

Fourth and Lastly my guest and I kinda went off on tangents later on in the episode about another famously haunted road in our neck of the woods and about my experiences working at a radio station in a building that once was a steam power plant.

Travel through rural Indiana and you can find any number of sleepy backroads. Once heavily traveled every day they have fallen dormant and have taken on new life as the center of urban legends and favorite haunts of local kids looking for a good scare.

My guest tonight, Garrett, like so many others during the years took a trip down County road 700 in Dunkirk, Indiana hoping to catch a glimpse of the paranormal. What he saw still sends chills down his spine and the hair to stand up on his neck. This is his Strange Heartland Story