Steve Agee | Failing Up Podcast | Comedian, Writer, Actor, Photographer

Oct 04, 2018, 03:00 PM

Steve Agee

01:03 Eden’s wallpaper

04:01 Eden has an update on her rejection letter from last week

05:58 Names getting pronounced wrong

10:32 Steve as a young man

14:12 Going to college

17:55 Eden breaks her hips 

19:52 Steve gets an art scholarship

27:04 Steve discovers The Groundlings and experiences failure

31:22 Meeting Sarah Silverman

38:38 Steve talks about auditioning 

39:12 Auditioning for Curb Your Enthusiasm

42:12 His approach to acting now 

45:21 Is there a show he wishes he got?

49:39 Steve is an awesome photographer 

54:17 We’re No Doctors - the podcast

56:05 Biggest failure 

59:15 Steve’s Charity: Red Cross -

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