Family Feud Podcast: Bye Week Bests

Oct 08, 08:22 PM

A bye week? In the middle of the season? What's up with that?

A year after playing 12 straight games without a bye, the USC Trojans got a reprieve in October. USC played a tough September schedule and came out with a 3-2 mark after an unsatisfying 24-20 road win over Arizona. But it got a chance to regroup, recoup and recover. Now where will the Trojans go from here?

Shotgun Spratling and Keely Eure are back in the studio to discuss that and more in the latest episode of the Family Feud Podcast.

This week, they break down USC's trip to the desert and how the Trojans held on for a victory but disappointed the fan base even more along the way. Before getting into their normal segments, Shotgun and Keely debate the merits of trying to invest the extra time afforded by a bye week in trying to get healthy versus trying to get better. USC chose rest and recovery over full pads and tougher practices with as many as 26 players missing a single practice during the abbreviated bye week practice schedule.

In this week's Stock Up/Stock Down segment, the duo of debate discuss the Trojans' rushing attack in different ways, look at a pair of young linebackers that got extra playing time against Arizona and talk about the effects of getting a week off from the regular grind on the positive side.

Snapping, Pac-12 officiating and a pair of second-year defensive backs end up on Stock Down, but Shotgun and Keely have to argue over where special teams should be placed. 

In the 'Heard it on the Sidelines' segment, duo have plenty of observations and overheard chatter from the Arizona game, including one player's off-hand post-game remarks that really stood out. The dynamic of the offensive line and the coaching being presented to the group is also examined.

Following a week free of a USC game, the 'Agree/Disagree' section is replaced with a special 'Bye Week Bests' segment that looks back at the first five games of the season with the best position groups, players and impactful plays highlighted. Shotgun's top position group is unexpected while Keely argues about whether there should even be a 'Best Win' category.

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