Marianne - Living in Paradise Land

Episode 6,  Oct 09, 2018, 05:41 AM

In this final episode of Season 1, we explore a lesser known chapter in the tumultuous history of housing in Belfast. Marianne Elliott, a retired professor of history, walks us through the place she grew up.

The estate in North Belfast where Marianne’s family lived was built as part of a radical experiment in social housing. Its successes and its failures hold important lessons for a city still struggling with how to build a shared future.

Marianne Elliott's "Hearthlands - A Memoir of the White City housing estate in Belfast" was published by Blackstaff Press in 2017. 

We have a special announcement - we will be recording a LIVE episode on 21st October 2018 at SARC in Belfast! We hope you can join us. Listen to the end of the episode for details.