#25 Calling Out Your Own BS & No Zero Days with Leslie Hooper.

Oct 09, 2018, 02:57 PM

I was really pleased to be joined by Leslie Hooper on this episode. Leslie is a very experienced coach who really understands the psychology behind making changes to your lifestyle and has a fantastic to the point no BS attitude when it comes to excuses.

We cover:

  • Why people just can’t get started.

  • Having “no zero days”.

  • Pressure from peers to stay the same.

  • “Trigger foods” & how to deal with them.

  • How important it is to keep your head down and ignore what others are doing!

Even though she helps people get passed their own excuses with a very straight forward approach we discuss how it is always coming from a place of kindness and wanting to help people.

I’m really pleased Leslie came on the podcast and I really hope you find it helpful :)

You can find Leslie at @hooper.fit