It's a Rap (HipHop Special)

Episode 10,   Oct 10, 2018, 07:12 PM

This is our 10th episode! I brought some of my best friends over to talk about something we all have in common. Hip hop. Where we heard it first, who said what and everything in between. This is our extra long hip hop special. Welcome to The Bloody Basement.


Irish Joe

Irish Krokke e

Irish Bo

English Jermaine

Alien Mr. Black


Vvibe Moore

I'm From Portland

Tell Me How You Want It (featuring Dizzie Wright)

Vvibe Freestyling on The Strip. AMAZING!!!

DNA, Eric St. John

We Don't Give a Fuck (from the Silvercup MixTape)

DNA rap battling Dizaster in front of Drake!

Silvercup Mixtape