Oct 14, 2018, 09:26 AM

Reimagined by Claudio Fredo Ignazio Landolt.

"I was struck by this birdcall from the moment I heard it. I really just liked the sound this bird made, the consistency of its whistle had an eerie deepness and a mechanical quality to it that made me curious. I later read that it was recorded at the Canadian Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains and I thought I could try to detach this bird from its natural habitat and see what happens when I begin to mess around with it. I somehow liked the thought that I take a bird from the Rocky Mountains to the Swiss Alps (where my studio is situated) to and build a new habitat for it. I then isolated the birds call from the original audio spectrum and began to compose with it by transposing and collaging and layering it. The piece starts with a reminiscence of the original river noise from the original audio-file in order to draw attention and to build a clear contrast to the new, artificial world that builds up afterwards. It slowly grows into an artificial room full of dystopian fake birds - which is why I called the piece „Fögel" („Vögel“ is the german word for „birds“. Because we hear mutant-birds I called it „Fögel“, which sounds just like „Vögel“ when pronounced, but has grammatically mutated DNA)."

Part of the Sounding Nature project - for more information, see http://www.citiesandmemory.com/sounding-nature