The Eleventh Trade by Alyssa Hollingsworth with Hester Wolton An Afghan boy goes on a journey

Oct 16, 2018, 11:42 AM

Alyssa Hollingsworth’s debut novel, ‘The Eleventh Trade’ is a young adult’s book following the story of Sami, a young Afghan refugee, living in Boston with his grandfather as they attempt to build a new life there together. When his grandfather’s treasured instrument, a rebab, is stolen under Sami’s watch, Sami must raise the funds to buy it back after the stolen item turns up in a nearby music shop. In doing so, via a series of trades, Sami learns to accept what he least wants to - help - and find home.

Alyssa has travelled extensively to Afghanistan and currently works in a university as well as with refugees in Virginia, USA. Trigger Warning: this podcast includes reference to sexual assault.

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Instagram: @alyssa__hollingsworth

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