Monday night recap, Week 6 top performers, waiver wires, and more...

Oct 16, 01:16 PM

Mike Blewitt and Dane Martinez look back at the high scoring action between the Packers and 49ers, with Mike saying you made a smart move if you had either kicker, Mason Crosby or Robbie Gould. Dane and Mike go over some of the top performers of Week 6, including everyone in the Sunday night game, as well as Jameis Winston putting up big numbers against the Falcons. Speaking of the Bucs, the guys look at the firing of defensive coordinator Mike Smith, and wonder if this will start a trend of starting anyone against the Bucs spotty defense. Looking at some waiver wire targets for Week 7, the guys figure who to pick at running back between Marlon Mack and Latvius Murray. 

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