Ipswich 102 - FM launch - 2018

Oct 19, 2018, 10:03 PM

It was not because the station launched in 2018 with T Rex which made Ipswich 102's first moments on FM memorable. It was because for the first time in its regulatory history, Ofcom had chosen not the award a new licence to the  incumbent.

Town 102's licence was not renewed in favour of this new service called Ipswich 102.  History is further complicated by the fact that Ipswich 102 had already been broadcasting its service on DAB for some weeks by the time it embraced its new FM frequency; and Town 102 continued on its relatively new DAB slot after its FM was seized. 

As a result, Town had to cope with an unprecedented DAB migration challenge - and Ipswich 102 with getting a station on-air in record time.

Hear here the first moments of Ipswich 102 on FM.