Tim Lovejoy

Episode 4,  Oct 22, 2018, 02:00 AM

This week Sarah Beeny visits the home of presenter - and fellow podcaster - Tim Lovejoy.

A television stalwart, Tim has made the transition from producing shows like The Big Breakfast to being in front of the camera and presenting primetime programmes like Soccer AM, Something for the Weekend and now Sunday Brunch. He discusses with Sarah how being ahead of the curve with his ideas can sometimes be a frustrating experience and talks frankly about how his lower moments in life have led to him changing his approach to making a home. He also explains why he loves a longform interview and how his podcast Dear Lovejoy has allowed him to explore this fully.

Tim reveals the real reason behind him leading a very minimalist lifestyle - and how he balances his love of decluttering with bringing up his (messy) children.