Ep 38: New Logo Same Bullshit

Oct 25, 2018, 06:26 AM

Shout out to everyone rocking with us! It's been almost 9 months since we started without a clue. It was time for us to switch the logo up so like the title says... "New Logo, Same Bullshit..." This week we're jumping into the #TRASHRelationship segment and discussing dating successful women. Are men intimidated by women that are established? Of course we can't stay on subject but giving interesting perspectives as usual. In other news actress #KristenBell pointing out the negative messages the classic #Disney movie #SnowWhite projects to children. This opens the door to discuss all of the movies geared towards to children that have dark messages. Was she on to something or is she reaching?? Moving along to some sports news! Man #DariousMiles wrote an amazing article for the #PlayersTribune. Going into depth of how weird the #Clippers organization was under the #Sterling ownership. Speaking of basketball you know we had to touch on the #GLeague planning to pay college prospects $125k instead of having the players going to college for the 1 and done! This changes the game up but is it for the better or worse? We couldn't leave without mentioning the #Lakers vs #Rockets. We got that and our #TrashAlbumReviews with #SummerWalker, #JoynerLucas, #RaheemDeVaughn, #Khalid and #BrentFaiyaz. Tune in for all of that and much more!! This is Views From The 7!!

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