The trade deadline heats up, Boom Boom Bilal Powell, Week 8 rankings, and more...

Oct 25, 12:32 PM

Dane Martinez and Scott Engel open the show with Dane asking Scott why there are so many in-season trades in the NFL this year, with Scott answering , "it's because they pay attention to fantasy football." Jack Doyle is scheduled to be back with the Colts in a few weeks, which has the guys questioning if it's time to sell Eric Ebron. Dane and Scott tip their cap to Jets running back Bilal Powell, who went on IR with a possibly career-ending neck injury. Looking at Scott's Week 8 rankings, Dane questions if players just outside the top 15 have as much chance to put up big numbers as the top fantasy players for the week. Scott, Dane, and Producer Chris Bivona argue over the exact definition of underrated, pertaining to the Eddie Murphy film, The Distinguished Gentleman. 

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