Thursday night recap, Week 8 lines, Giants fire sale, and more...

Oct 26, 02:44 PM

Mike Blewitt and Dane Martinez open the show recapping how they wanted nothing to do with betting and fantasy on the Texans-Dolphins game, but then say the Texans may be turning it around, but also question the impact of the injury to Will Fuller. On the other side, the guys thought the Dolphins had everything figured out, but then they give up 43 points to the Texans. Mike says Corey Parson may need to get a new phrase for Lamar Miller, because last night, Lamar Miller did not suck. Mike and Dane agree if the Browns come out this weekend and put up a fight in Pittsburgh, they should looked at as a team not to be reckoned with. Mike says, outside of Saquon Barkley, Odell, and maybe Will Hernandez, the Giants should not be modest and just blow up the whole roster before the trade deadline. 

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