The Night Lands - S2E01 | Hard to Say Goodbye

Oct 30, 2018, 12:00 PM

FINAL EPISODE! We'd like to thank everyone who started this journey with us, you all are the best! Unfortunately, HARD TO SAY GOODBYE is going to go on an extended hiatus. If you enjoyed this show please continue to join Sam Bashor and DJ Wooldridge over at ONLY STUPID ANSWERS!

"Tyrion takes steps to reinforce his position at King's Landing, despite Cersei's objections. Arya reveals her true identity to Gendry after two of the King's guards arrive looking for him. Theon Greyjoy returns home to the Iron Islands to enlist his father Balon's fleet for Robb's war against the Lannisters. The old man doesn't trust him and has no intention of letting him command the fleet or of allying himself with his old enemies. North of the wall, the men of the Night's Watch have encamped with Craster but have been forbidden to talk to any of his many wives. Jon Snow sees something he shouldn't have however. Stannis Baratheon meanwhile enlists the help of pirates for the sea power he needs to do battle. Daenerys receive bad news when one of her riders' horses returns to their camp."