Episode 3. Wilfrid Wood

Oct 29, 2018, 03:56 AM

In the third episode of Lavender Language, Adriann Ramirez talks to London based portrait artist, Wilfrid Wood. His cheeky use of colour and his unique sense of humour translates into his work as a sculptor, but what really shines through is the specificity in how he portrays his subjects, famous or not. We sit in his home and chat about the unlearning of a lifetime of growing up in an art background, realising you may or may not know it all at age 18, what drives him to continue his practice, the importance of adaptability and malleability in an artist's sense of self and what it can truly take to be the artist one strives to be.

Instagram: www.instagram.com/LavenderLanguage

Host: Adriann Ramirez (www.instagram.com/Adriann.Ramirez)

Sound: Edmund Shaw (www.instagram.com/Edmund_Shaw)

Produced by: Tahnee Cadrez Freda (www.instagram.com/Tahncf)

Guest: Wilfrid Wood (www.instagram.com/wilfridwoodsculptor)