27 - County agencies talking about animal rescues, zero kill, anti-puppy mill

Nov 16, 08:00 AM

People used to get their dogs and cats at a pet shop. It wasn't looked upon nicely when you had a rescue, but nowadays that mentality has flipped -- having a rescue is like a badge of honor!

How are our county agencies dealing with such things as zero kill, anti-puppy mill and other public policies?

Joining us is John Welsch from Riverside County Animal Services, Mike Kaviani from Orange County Animal Care, and Dr. Rachelle Saelor from LA County Animal Control.

You can watch these guest on the FOX 11 In Depth page here: http://www.foxla.com/entertainment/features/fox-11-in-depth-animal-rescues-lb-aquarium-celebrates-a-big-birthday-we-meet-critters-in-studio-

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