The Clowning (S2, Ep11)

Oct 31, 2018, 12:03 AM

Susan Pasternak’s five-year-old son Tyler was conceived the night she and Sheriff Rowland fought off an invasion of clown-like creatures from another dimension. During the attack, Tyler’s father was murdered by the white-faced monsters. And now Susan’s about to discover that monsters can take many forms, and they often appear where you least expect them. Especially… in Uncanny County.

Trigger warning - CLOWNS.

Stand-alone episode, but technically a sequel to the season one episode Coulrophobia, by Todd Faulkner.

Written and produced by Todd Faulkner, recorded and mastered by Kevin Ramsay. Original score by Kori Celeste. 

It featured Alison Crane as Susan, Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland, and Griffin Robert Faulkner as Tyler, along with the vocal talents of Todd Faulkner, Babs Winn, Uma Incrocci, Jenny Kirlin, Emily Battles, Christian Pedersen, and William Franke.

The song No Accidents was written and performed by Ned Massey. Available on iTunes.