Demonic Home | The Grave Talks Podcast

Jan 28, 10:00 AM

When Jacinda Rearick begins her recovery from a back injury, the ghostly forces that she had noticed around her home take a turn for the dark. They quickly make it evident that they do not come in peace, they mean harm. Strange noises quickly escalate to physical and mental attacks on her and her family, forcing her to seek help from the paranormal investigator and demonologist Kevin Tersavige. Kevin and his wife, who is a psychic quickly identify the entities that make up this demonic home haunting and devise a plan to remove them. 

But do they find success?

In part two of our interview, available only to Grave Keepers, we discuss:

When a demonic entity is relocated, where does it go?

Do the demonic entities have the same strength as before, or is it injured from the past “intervention”?

Did the family understand what was going on? What did they think was haunting them?

What is more difficult to deal with, a human spirit or a demonic spirit?

What occurred when the first intervention occurred at the Rearick home?

What did Kevin learn about the history of the property?

When you say most houses are haunted, what do you mean by this?

Are there more demonic infestations than we tend to understand?

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