BONUS - Funky Groove Sessions with DJ Melowdee - Flashback Episode

Season 1, Episode 10,  Nov 04, 2018, 10:08 PM

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Bonus Flashback Episode - Recorded in 2012

Music styles:  House, Soulful House

I do not own rights to the music played on the show. For listening purposes only.


1.  Yes (Terry Hunter BANG Sundays Club Mix) - Teresa Griffin

2.  Take My Freedom Away (Original Mix) - Berardino & Sonatore

3.  STRINGS OF LIFE (Supernova Remix) - Soul Central

4.  Gonna Give It To Ya (Original Mix) - Frankie J

5.  Pushy Pushy- Cause and Affect (Beware Of The Swingers EP)

6.  I Can't Get Along With Out You - Vance and Suzanne (Reekin'Structions by The Revenge)

7.  Say What (Original Mix) - Si'Ke DJ's

8.  Music (incl. Full Intention Dub Mix) - Woody Bianchi pres. Disconnection

9.  Imma Let You Know (Original Mix)- J Paul Getto

10.  Changed (Original Mix) - Mario & Vidis feat. Ernesto