#29 Movement, Mobility & “Good Vs Bad Form” with Amir Zandinejad

Nov 06, 2018, 03:23 PM

In this episode I am joined by FRCms coach Amir Zandinejad (@beardthebestyoucanbe)

Amir has a wealth of experience coaching people to be better at being human. He is making us as coaches question what is “good form” and helping people understand that being passive when it comes to mobility isn’t enough. 

We cover:

  • How important is it for the average gym goer to include Mobility in their training.

  • When does foam rolling have it’s place.

  • Knots and how they don’t exist.

  • How we can stop being so fixated on “perfect form” & “perfect posture”

  • The effect evolution has had not only on our physical state but also our mental one.

I love it when I have guests on the podcast who are truly interested in helping people - Amir not only knows his stuff but is a genuinely nice guy. Do give it a listen.

You can follow Amir on IG: @beardthebestyoucanbe