Ep 40: I'm So Fu*kin Grateful For My Ex

Nov 08, 2018, 08:00 AM

Know your worth King! We popping "No Nut November" off with episode 40! We had to give a recap of our weekend with our kids. Has Halloween been watered down now compared to our childhood? Is "Trunk or Treat" taking away from the whole experience? Moving along with yall favorite segment of the show #TRASHRelationship we're talking about friend's and family members opinions on your significant other. Does it hold any weight or cause issues in your relationship if they aren't well liked by your family? Are you siding with family or your spouse at the end of it all? With the upcoming release of #RIPMADEA we couldn't help but to discuss why its considered entertaining to watch black men play roles of black women that are exaggerated? Is it funny or corny? This week was full of music releases. We had to get into our #TRASHAlbumReviews. #FreddieGibbs, #Curren$y, #NAO, #TakeOff, #H.E.R., #SwizzBeats, #StylesP, #MetroBoomin and #VinceStaples. There was some heat a whole bunch that we could have done without. Tune in to see what was what. #ShadMoss took another L this week having his woman snatched up by another woman. Are all women attracted to other women at some point in their lives? Of course we never disappoint with the politically incorrect opinions... This is Views From The 7!!

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