NBA recap, Week 10 betting lines, Dak's struggles, nice vs. polite, and more...

Nov 09, 2018, 04:43 PM

The gang opens the second hour of the program looking at the Warriors' loss to the Bucks, with Gabe saying the Warriors are such a different team without Draymond Green, who was out with an injury. Gabe and Corey look at some betting lines for Week 10, with Gabe not having a good feel anywhere in the Chiefs vs. Cardinals game. Gabe has no idea who will be the Bills' quarterback this weekend, and doesn't understand the fact that the team is trying to force Josh Allen back from injury. Corey has a theory about Dak Prescott's struggles, citing not having Tony Romo as a mentor. Gabe brings up how he was once hit with a magnet at a Blue Jays game, saying that Canadians aren't nice, they are just polite.

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