E80 – Eastcote From GC&CS to GCHQ

Nov 10, 2018, 06:47 PM

November 2018

In this month’s ‘It Happened Here’ we are marking 75 years since the establishment of the Eastcote Outstation, the site at which Bombe machines were operated from the autumn of 1943. By 1945 over 100 machines were at Eastcote along with over 800 Wrens and RAF technicians, and a small group of American GIs. How did it start and what was life there really like?

Bletchley Park’s research historian Dr David Kenyon tells us the complete story with help from our Archivist Guy Revell and Veterans’ Audrey Wind, Colette Cook and Betty Flavell.

Image: Eastcote Joint RAF-WRNS Hockey Team ©Bletchley Park Trust 2018

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