Jordan Stephens: "I find it safer to assume that i'm going to be let down..."

Nov 11, 2018, 08:40 PM

Musician, writer and actor, Jordan Stephens, opens up to Linda about a pivotal moment in his life where he admits he self destructed in a relationship. The consequences of which led him to explore the impact of delayed grief after the death of his beloved Gran, deep rooted fears of abandonment and the importance of recognising, addressing and ultimately feeling entitled to your emotions.

The pair also discuss the influence of expectation on creativity and whether this is a driving force or a negative drain on creative energies.

Jordan found fame at a young age as one part of the hip hop duo, Rizzle Kicks and - amongst other projects - has since gone on to be an influential voice in mental health with his charity work through I AM WHOLE. The #IAMWHOLE campaign aims to encourage young people to challenge harmful language and negative stigma surrounding mental health and encourage others to speak out and seek help.

Thank you to Jordan for being so open with us and sharing his thoughts and experiences.

You can check out Jordan's own podcast Whole Truth on Apple Podcasts and his recent acting work in Don't Hate The Playaz on ITV2.

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